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Creating a dynamic gallery in WordPress

One of the great features about WordPress is the ability to display images in a beautiful way. Whether you’re a photographer, artist, or have products to show off, a gallery can be an ideal addition to your website. Focus on images Galleries can be included in your WordPress design in a few ways. In some themes, you can have a gallery as the main portion of your site. This gives the slick portfolio look that puts the images front and centre. If images are a big part of what you do, this can be the perfect choice. WordPress makes it easy to update these galleries, too. There are many ways […]

WordPress for e-commerce – call in the experts

Since the 1960s, the internet has been encroaching on all aspects of our lives. A source of instant knowledge, it enables any one of us to become expert on a vast range of niche subjects, almost overnight. It has also dramatically opened the window of opportunity for traders eagerly seeking new ways to increase customer numbers and turnover. Today, e-commerce income augments that of high street shops, or even replaces it entirely. After all, it doesn’t take a genius to quantify those lead weight business expenses such as business rates, rent, staff wages, insurance and so on. Every business knows what a drain these expenses can be! E-commerce has come […]

5 reasons to use WordPress for your website

You may be looking to launch your first website, or maybe your existing website just isn’t performing well enough. Whatever your reason for wanting to do something new, there are plenty of reasons why you should choose WordPress – the most popular content management system in the world – to do the job. Here are five: 1. It is open source. While there is no central WordPress team that provides regular support and updates, there is a whole host of WordPress developers all over the globe who are working hard to improve the system – without it costing you a penny. It’s a continually evolving and improving system. 2. It’s […]

New WordPress version makes platform even richer

Many of the world’s leading companies use WordPress as their content management system, because of its ease of use, wide plugin options and the rich experience that users get. Now, with the latest version of this ever-evolving CMS, that experience has gotten even better, for website owners and end users alike. WordPress 4.0 updates version 3.0, which allowed people to install just one version of the CMS and use it across a number of sites at once. The latest incarnation allows those running sites to embed rich media into their content with greater ease. There are now 26 sites that WordPress supports to automatically embed media so you don’t have […]

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