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Why you should use WordPress for business

WordPress sites are a perfect starting point for all sorts of small business start ups, for many reasons. If you are looking to start a new website for your business, you should certainly considering using it as a platform. Here are just some of the reasons why: Simplicity WordPress is beautifully easy to use in terms of both setting up and keeping updated. With a simple user interface and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page editor, you can use it without needing any programming knowledge whatsoever. If you are new to the world of building websites, a WordPress developer can help if you get stuck. Brandable WordPress […]

Tips to make the most of your WordPress blog

Now you have a beautiful WordPress site created by WPTeam, its over to you to make it a successful blog. We look at a few tricks that could help you get it right first time. Keep it tidy Use your Sidebar to highlight things you really need the reader to notice. Don’t get carried away and add everything that ever passes your fancy. People won’t read it because it’s on your sidebar – everything there needs to justify itself or you’re just presenting the casual visitor with an off-putting muddle. In Appearance & Widgets, remove everything that doesn’t actually achieve anything, so what’s important really stands out. If it’s not […]

WordPress’ popularity leads to more attacks, so beef up security measures

The overarching popularity of WordPress as a content management system can have a downside for website owners, if they’re not prepared. It’s attacked by cyber criminals more than any other CMS. WordPress sites are attacked 24.1% more times than websites using rival content management systems, according to a report by internet security firm Imperva. The researchers said they believed that WordPress’ popularity was the main reason it’s being targeted so often by users. Imperva’s annual Web Application Attack Report said that due to the widespread use of WordPress as a platform, hackers realised they would get a large return on investment from hacking it. So they put a strong emphasis […]

Are there too many WordPress themes?

If you are considering creating a WordPress website, you might be drawn to the fact that it is so easy to customise. One of WordPress’ best features is that you can design the site so that it is truly unique. Your site doesn’t need to look like another blog, or even look like a blog at all. However, with so much chance to customise WordPress, there are many, many different themes available. Are there too many? Easy to get overwhelmed If you’ve ever searched for WordPress themes, the sheer number of search engine results that come up can show you how many themes exist. Even within WordPress’ own theme viewer, […]

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