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Twitter launches Vine plugin for WordPress

Twitter seems to really want people to start embedding Vines into their WordPress websites. So much so that they have recently released an official Vine plugin to make the process as easy as possible. Users can now use the new plugin to embed a Vine simply by pasting in the URL to the appropriate space. This desire of course is nothing new from Twitter; it has long been searching for a way to encourage the embedding and sharing of Vines, adding sharing options to both its mobile and web channels around 18 months ago. While it’s still early days as far as seeing how the integration between WordPress and Vine […]

Get connected: the best free Facebook plugins for WordPress

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Facebook has become an increasingly important tool for small business marketing. The best WordPress developers know Facebook isn’t just a way of annoying your nearest and dearest with status updates and funny cat pictures, it’s also an effective way to reach out to your audience and make it easier for them to get hold of, and share, your content. If you want to get in on the act, read on as we take a look at some top Facebook plugins for WordPress. WP Facebook FanBox Want your Facebook update feed to appear directly on your WordPress page? Then WP Facebook […]

Add Google’s Gmail, Calendar and Drive features to your WordPress site

WordPress recently announced that it has signed up to Google’s Work Partner Program. For the moment, the company’s range of cloud-based apps and services can only be added to new WordPress custom domains at $50 (£31) a month for 30GB of storage, or $120 (£75) for unlimited storage. However, soon most business site owners will be able to add Google’s Apps to their existing WordPress Dashboard, that includes emails, scheduled events, documents and access to other files. Hanging out with the team Even better, Google Hangouts will also be built into the dashboard, so you can message and high-definition video chat with remote colleagues to keep on top of the […]

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