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WordPress benefits for any growing business

WordPress has become one of the most widely used platforms for blogs and websites for businesses around the world. As a growing business, this platform can provide you with a number of benefits… It’s easy to use One of the best things about WordPress is its ease of use. You can add blogs and new pages with a few simple clicks of your mouse. The interface is really simple, making it quick and easy to identify what you want to do and how to do it. Manage it from anywhere, at any time Your site is accessible online from any computer, anywhere. You have your own unique log in information, […]

3 ways to protect your WordPress site

As a WordPress user, you need to make sure your site is safe. In today’s world, data is more than just information – it’s the lifeblood of every business. Have you thought about what might happen if the data on your WordPress site got into the hands of a rival or cybercriminal? It could mean the end of everything you’ve worked for. To make sure you keep your WordPress site safe and secure, here are three easy steps you can follow. 1. Add a security plugin The WordPress security plugins are a great way of protecting your site. They work in a similar way to other cybersecurity measures you may […]

What to expect from the new Android Lollipop WordPress app

New year, new version of the Android WordPress app. With the launch of Lollipop at the tail end of last year, Android had promised a whole host of app updates for early 2015, and now the first of these has appeared on the Google Play marketplace. This first round of updates will include a new version of the WordPress app, 3.5, which is good news for all those mobile WordPress developers out there. So what exactly can you expect from the new WordPress app for Android Lollipop? Whilst 3.5 is not a major update, it does provide some interesting tweaks that greatly improve the experience of using WordPress on your […]

Reasons why WordPress is top for sites and blogging

The ease of use and overall simplicity of WordPress design and functionality has made it the content management system of choice for everyone from individual bloggers right up to major corporations. Here’s why. For starters, establishing a WordPress website or blog is among the most cost-effective ways of getting a powerful presence on the internet and attracting lots of visitors. That’s because there is a large number of WordPress developers, all highly skilled and offering their services at extremely keen rates. Why pay way more than you have to when you can get the best for much less? Whether for business or personal use, WordPress sites are highly customisable. Just […]

Everything you need to know about WordPress 4.1

Named after the American Grammy award winning jazz vocalist Dinah Washington, WordPress’ “Dinah” 4.1 update went live in late December. To help you get to grips with the freshly updated WordPress 4.1, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite new features. Read on to find out what you can expect once you update. Where do I go to update? Updating to the latest, arguably greatest, version of WordPress couldn’t be simpler; most users will find themselves staring the message “WordPress 4.1 is available! Please update now” in the face as soon as they log onto their dashboard. From there, simply hit the link and you’re good to go. We would […]

WordPress trends to watch in 2015

You might just be catching up on 2014’s must have WordPress and general web design trends, but the end of the year sees many people desperate to start with a new makeover and to be on-trend for 2015. For WordPress users, there’s always a collection of new themes to pick from, but the overarching pattern among the high-end, high-volume sites will be to not look like a traditional website at all. With full-width images for the desktop and menus hidden away behind buttons on mobiles, new sites are looking loud and proud, but light on content. Any site with something visually impressive to promote or sell will no longer be […]

Put a stop to WordPress spam

As WordPress developers, we work hard in the hopes our sites will become popular enough to attract a large following. Sadly, that popularity sometimes comes with a price: comment spam. We’ve all seen comment boxes fall prey to spammers, and some WordPress sites are bombarded with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dubious comments every week. On the surface, spam may seem harmless enough, but left unchecked it can begin to have a debilitating effect on your site. Readers and non-spammy commentators will feel squeezed out, and that reputation you’ve worked so hard to cultivate could soon be in tatters. Luckily, taking the fight to the spammers and cleaning up your comments […]

Are you under threat from the WordPress flaw? Here’s how to check

WordPress is a fantastic platform, used by hundreds of website designers, developers and writers across the globe. Many of us will be lucky enough never to encounter a problem, but as with anything connected to the internet and computing in general, it can occasionally come under attack. A couple of weeks ago WordPress admitted to a critical security flaw; a crucial cross-site scripting vulnerability that allows hackers and cyber criminals control of websites running on older versions of WordPress. Unearthed by Jouko Pynnonen of Finnish software company Klikki Oy, this flaw is a thread that if pulled could unravel potentially millions of websites, putting control of your blog, its content […]

Twitter launches Vine plugin for WordPress

Twitter seems to really want people to start embedding Vines into their WordPress websites. So much so that they have recently released an official Vine plugin to make the process as easy as possible. Users can now use the new plugin to embed a Vine simply by pasting in the URL to the appropriate space. This desire of course is nothing new from Twitter; it has long been searching for a way to encourage the embedding and sharing of Vines, adding sharing options to both its mobile and web channels around 18 months ago. While it’s still early days as far as seeing how the integration between WordPress and Vine […]

Get connected: the best free Facebook plugins for WordPress

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Facebook has become an increasingly important tool for small business marketing. The best WordPress developers know Facebook isn’t just a way of annoying your nearest and dearest with status updates and funny cat pictures, it’s also an effective way to reach out to your audience and make it easier for them to get hold of, and share, your content. If you want to get in on the act, read on as we take a look at some top Facebook plugins for WordPress. WP Facebook FanBox Want your Facebook update feed to appear directly on your WordPress page? Then WP Facebook […]

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