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5 reasons to use WordPress for your website

You may be looking to launch your first website, or maybe your existing website just isn’t performing well enough. Whatever your reason for wanting to do something new, there are plenty of reasons why you should choose WordPress – the most popular content management system in the world – to do the job. Here are five:

1. It is open source. While there is no central WordPress team that provides regular support and updates, there is a whole host of WordPress developers all over the globe who are working hard to improve the system – without it costing you a penny. It’s a continually evolving and improving system.

2. It’s easy to use. While it takes a certain degree of skill to build a customised WordPress site from scratch (that’s why we’re here!), once it’s built you’ll find it easy to publish and change your content without needing external support.

3. It’s search engine friendly. Right in the heart of the WordPress system are several great search engine optimisation (SEO) features – and you’ll also find plenty of plugins to make your site even more visible to search engine visitors.

4. WordPress is great for mobile optimisation. You may be surprised to learn that huge numbers of your customers are probably viewing your website from their smartphone or tablet, rather than from a laptop or a PC. If your website doesn’t look right on a mobile device, they may well give up and go elsewhere.

The great news is that many WordPress themes are designed to be mobile-friendly, making it easy for customers to access anywhere. What’s more, you can also access your WordPress dashboard from mobile devices, meaning that you can edit your site from anywhere.

5. WordPress has a huge number of extensions (plugins) to choose from. WordPress design can range from the very basic (taking a pre-built theme and adding content) to the very complex, with WordPress developers creating their own customised themes and adding extra functionality. Much of the WordPress functionality comes from its vast library of add-ons, or plugins, that allow you to add anything from a basic contact form to ecommerce functionality with ease. So, if we’ve designed your WordPress website and you’ve decided that you want to add extra functionality, this can normally be done pretty quickly.


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