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Add Google’s Gmail, Calendar and Drive features to your WordPress site

WordPress recently announced that it has signed up to Google’s Work Partner Program. For the moment, the company’s range of cloud-based apps and services can only be added to new WordPress custom domains at $50 (£31) a month for 30GB of storage, or $120 (£75) for unlimited storage. However, soon most business site owners will be able to add Google’s Apps to their existing WordPress Dashboard, that includes emails, scheduled events, documents and access to other files.

Hanging out with the team

Even better, Google Hangouts will also be built into the dashboard, so you can message and high-definition video chat with remote colleagues to keep on top of the pressing issues facing your site and business. That should also include your WordPress design and development team, to keep them on the ball when it comes to the latest look and feature demands for your site.

With access to documents and spreadsheets, you should be able to discuss all aspects of your business, live with colleagues for everyone to be on the same page, with less chance of miscommunication. With an email address linked to your domain, you can also field customer enquiries or orders directly from within WordPress. Once the migration to existing custom accounts is implemented (no word on when that will happen), this should improve both your internal and external reaction time to issues and events, making your site a better product.

This is just for business

As of now, there’s no mention of support for Google Analytics, but since WordPress has plenty of its own analytics facilities, that shouldn’t be a key issue for most. Also, it looks like Google Apps won’t be supported by free accounts, but for most businesses that won’t be a problem.

Along with unlimited storage (or 1TB if there’s less than five users), the Unlimited Tier also includes, advanced administration controls, plus audit and reporting insights for Drive. There’s Google Vault for eDiscovery covering emails, chats, docs and files, and easy search and export to different formats, plus email archiving.

While existing Google users are usually just a browser tab away from having access to these features, integrating them into WordPress will make managing sites and projects easier.


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