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Twitter launches Vine plugin for WordPress

Twitter seems to really want people to start embedding Vines into their WordPress websites. So much so that they have recently released an official Vine plugin to make the process as easy as possible. Users can now use the new plugin to embed a Vine simply by pasting in the URL to the appropriate space.

This desire of course is nothing new from Twitter; it has long been searching for a way to encourage the embedding and sharing of Vines, adding sharing options to both its mobile and web channels around 18 months ago.

While it’s still early days as far as seeing how the integration between WordPress and Vine goes, and inevitably there are likely to be teething problems, it is an exciting addition that offers users and businesses the chance to add that extra flourish to their WordPress sites.

In many ways this move made by Twitter makes a lot of sense; its Vine platform is competing for space on websites with a variety of short-form animated content like GIFs, and it is space that it really wants Vine to occupy, so creating and releasing tools to make their inclusion more straightforward is something of a no-brainer.

What can it be used for?

In honour of this release, here at the WP Team we have put our heads together to discuss what applications the embedded Vine video might be useful for, above and beyond the obvious posting of a funny clip, which is of course a given.

Live logos

With a Vine video loop you can create a repeating logo movement to add emphasis to you WordPress site. One that immediately leaps to mind is creating a sale Vine to make your reduced prices really stand out and to draw the eye of the consumer to the particular products that you are looking to focus on selling.

Bring life to your blog titles

This maybe sounds unimportant, but engaging people with a video title, say members of staff holding up placards that announce the title, puts a smile on readers face’s and puts them in a frame of mind where they are more likely to read on. Try it, it will work!

These of course are just a taster that we came up with over a cup of tea, and we’re sure that you will be brimming with ideas about how to make the most of easy Vine embedding on your WordPress sites.


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