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What to expect from the new Android Lollipop WordPress app

New year, new version of the Android WordPress app. With the launch of Lollipop at the tail end of last year, Android had promised a whole host of app updates for early 2015, and now the first of these has appeared on the Google Play marketplace. This first round of updates will include a new version of the WordPress app, 3.5, which is good news for all those mobile WordPress developers out there. So what exactly can you expect from the new WordPress app for Android Lollipop?

Whilst 3.5 is not a major update, it does provide some interesting tweaks that greatly improve the experience of using WordPress on your mobile. The main new feature included in 3.5 is an auto-complete function, whereby whenever you mention the name of another WordPress user in a comment or post, it will automatically complete it for you, saving you a whole heap of time. This will be particularly useful for WordPress developers looking to build their brand and develop a community around their site, as it is now easier than ever before to interact with your users and other WordPress developers on the go. It also includes a number of bug fixes to improve performance and consistency, which ultimately means less crashes and a better user experience. It will also fetch your blog visibility status on login too.

There are also some design differences. Although it might not look considerably different from previous versions, the new version of the app has implemented some subtle design tweaks to make editing your WordPress design from your phone much easier on the eyes. As well as a major colour scheme update to bring it into line with the Material Design theme on Android, it also includes new rounded icons and avatars, and boasts a new grid layout for Media Library when viewed on tablets. Although these may seem like small changes, they do add up to something bigger overall, and make a significant impact on the user experience design of the application.

The new WordPress app is now available on Google Play.


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