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Why WordPress?

WordPress is a popular platform and its CMS framework is ideal for all sorts of websites, from large businesses and commercial enterprises, to smaller, more personal websites and blogs. Because of its popularity, all sorts of people now claim to be a WordPress website designer, but very few can actually create a well-designed, professional and functional website suitable for business.
Too many developers rely on WordPress themes, templates and plug-ins without really understanding the WordPress framework or knowing how to get the best out of it, and there is a lot more to building a website than simply adapting ready-made themes and installing plug-ins.

WordPress framework

Designing a website for a business using WordPress means a designer has to go beyond themes and templates. A good WordPress designer will know how to use coding such as CSS, HTML or PHP to create original and functional web pages rather than just adapt a template or theme. Too many designers using WordPress create cloned websites, which are almost identical to one another. However, a business website needs to be bespoke to suit the needs and requirements of an individual business, and this is something that can’t be done jut by using ready-made templates and themes.

WordPress Design

A well-designed website requires an understanding of how to match colours, fonts and backgrounds to corporate logos and use them effectively to create an engaging and attractive website. The layout of a website is also important, which is why a deep understanding of the WordPress framework is needed to make sure things such as copy, images and page links can be positioned correctly, rather than compromised by the inflexibility of a template. Furthermore, plug-ins may have to be adapted to suit the required functionality of the website and ensure there are no conflicts. A good WordPress designer also understands the importance of good copy that is both informative and is clear and understandable.

Security and SEO

Good WordPress design also requires a website to be optimised for SEO (search engine optimisation) to ensure people can find it. While some WordPress designers may be able to create really attractive websites, they will be useless if people can’t find them. Furthermore, WordPress websites need to be secure to prevent a website from being hacked or becoming compromised. Too many websites built using WordPress have security vulnerabilities, which can result in breaches, and ultimately cost a business time and money when the website goes down.


If you pay for a professional business website, you need to ensure the person creating it is capable of producing what you need. We have designed and built websites for all sorts of companies, ensuring each website is unique and meets the needs and requirements of the individual businesses concerned. We don’t rely on templates or themes, and each website is custom built around the actual needs of the business. Because of our understanding of the WordPress framework, we can design a website to not only be unique, attractive and well laid out, but also be highly functional, secure and optimised for SEO.


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