• Giles Sirett

    CloudStack Consulting - Director
    " WP Team we're extremely helpful and responsive. They went above and beyond to ensure our requirements were meet, which meant the end result was just what we wanted and more importantly needed for our customers. "
  • Farnaz Khan

    CBRE - Marketing Manager
    "Thank you for your support and guidence in the design and developemnt of our new wordpress site. We're very happy with the outcome"
  • Charlotte Penniceard

    PenniBlack - Director
    "The new mobile responsive site looks great! Thank you so much."
WordPress SEO

So you want us to rank your WordPress website for you?

Please help us out by giving us much as information as possible so we can properly evaluate your sites’ needs and to see if this is a project that we would be able to take on and give you proper service.

Why do I need to enquire?

Simple reason really, we will evaluate your site using both a manual process as well as some handy tools we have sitting on the shelf and then we get back to you with an estimated time period of you getting on the first page of Google!

We won’t give you a load of gobbledygook in a report, we won’t try and sell you a load of stuff you don’t need as we don’t roll that way, however we will rank your website as that is what we do all day long.


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Meet the team
Jon Billingsley


Steven Moore

Front End Developer

Andrei Nistor

Head of Development

Mark Filmore

Front End Developer

Nicola Black

Project Manager

Mike Woodward

Head of Design

Rees Jones

Project Manager / Developer

Ben Hadlow


Lilly Medhurst

Project Manager

Get a quote

We run things a little differently: every potential project is reviewed & quoted before we approve it and begin working. We won’t accept every project, but we’ll take a look at every submission and will do our best to help you if we can. Please thoroughly complete the form below to send your upcoming project’s details to us.

Not ready for a quote just yet?

Thats ok, lets talk through your project first and see how we can put a plan together. We normally answer emails within 24 hours and the phone is picked up 9-5 Monday to Friday.

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